"Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. MONEY MATTERS is not an invention in the strictest sense, but yes, there was a necessity which gave birth to it. For quite some time people had been asking me a lot of questions and sharing their problems relating to investment planning, taxation, etc.  The two most commonly asked questions were:
  • How can I save tax?
  • In which stocks/ mutual funds should I invest?
I used to start in the usual manner, beginning with some basic financial discipline techniques and then moving on to the product or category specific details. But I always wanted a place where I could store my ideas, viewpoints and suggestions so that the same could be retrieved easily by those looking for it. This inspired me to start MONEY MATTERS, a place where you can find anything and everything, closely or remotely related to money.
MONEY MATTERS deals with issues varying from Personal Finance, Investment Planning, Stock Markets, Mutual Funds, Insurance to Business startups, investor awareness and others. The foundation of MONEY MATTERS has been laid on four pillars, which are also its primary objectives, and they are
-to demystify and make simpler the world of finance
-to spread awareness about personal finance in a simple and clear language
-to assist the common man in taking better financial decisions
-to be a reliable source of quality information

I, a CA Final student, a blogger, and an independent financial consultant, along with my team of experts, am constantly working towards empowering you and thus enabling you to take better informed decisions. After all, it’s about your hard earned money, and money matters a lot.

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Happy Investing!
Nandan Narula

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